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– Sleeplessness Testimonials –

Having this Available to Help Sleep and Heal and Recover was a Godsend

(March 6, 2020) “Big hugs – and so much gratitude to Barbara and Doug for delivering such an excellent product! This is strong medicine – and it is so much better than any other CBD oil tinctures, or capsules I have tried. This product is very special; it works like nothing else can. It is subtle, yet very potent. I am so happy to know this is available. Over Christmas 2019, I was so sick, and I do not rely on any pharma meds to feel better, so having this available to help sleep and heal and recover was a Godsend. Thank you so much Barbara and Doug, love you guys!”

– Kathleen K.

Pain After Surgery, Better Sleep

(May 15, 2019) “December 4, 2018, l underwent hip replacement surgery on my right side. Since that day, I have been on Hydrocodone for pain. April 9, 2019, the left hip was replaced. I have had constant pain at no less than at a level 5/6.

2 weeks ago…I started taking the oils, 3 drops, 3 times daily, and 1 – 500 mg Tylenol 3 times daily. Within 3 days I experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. The pain level having only reached a level 7 twice, due to overexertion.  The pain levels have been as low as 2. I only took 1 Hydrocodone in the last week during that time. I have also been rubbing the oil on the legs, avoiding the incisions.

I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from the debilitating after-effects of any surgery. It will be wise to check with your surgeon for any contraindications, but in my case, I am experiencing great relief, and am able to sleep better.”


Vision/Eye Healing, Sleeplessness, Arthritis

“I read that this product will greatly assist in the healing process of our bodies. I had damaged one of my eyes and it was going to be a very long recovery process. I managed to reduce the healing time by 6 weeks with a complete recovery of my eye and an overall improvement in my vision in general. My eye doctor was simply amazed…As was I …Added perks …Sleep used to be restless but now it is restful. A noticeable reduction in arthritis pain. Thanks!”

– Don
Dallas County, Texas