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– About Us –

Our Story

My husband Doug and I had committed ourselves to develop an elixir that would be safe and effective for children who suffer from seizures.  For years prior to developing our product, we watched children suffer, and even die, from seizures.  Our hands were tied until our government lifted restrictions on medicinal cannabinoids.    Once we were able to legally produce and market this elixir we jumped into action.

Knowing how children resist anything that doesn’t taste good, we chose to use Hydrated Glycerite as a base for our product. With this base, many of our customers comment on how much they like the taste of our tincture.

We developed a proprietary extraction process and, once this process was complete, we tested it on ourselves.  We didn’t want to provide it to anyone else unless we were confident that it worked.

My husband has been afflicted with 4th Stage Scoliosis since childhood, and I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for several decades.  Within only a few days my husband and I found substantial relief from our symptoms.  We then tested it on a small group of friends who also found much relief from their health issues such as seizures and pain.

So, much to our amazement, we discovered that our product was not only beneficial for children but also for adults.  We had already gone through the process of lab tests, so our next step was to go public with our amazing product. We hope you give it a try and see similar results.

Wishing you well-being;

Barbara T.