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– About Our Brand –

Ingredient Commitment

Dear Customer;

Our terpene tinctures are 100% THC FREE, and are harvested from plants which are grown in 100% Organic soil. We use NO synthetic fertilizers or nutrients.

Our tinctures are not extracted by using alcohol, butane, CO2, other types of heat extraction, nor pressing.

We do not use Grapeseed, Olive, Coconut Oil or Canola Oil, or flavorings.

Our product is 100% free of impurities, or other additives.

Many who have tried our product have stated that the taste reminds them of Honeysuckle Nectar, and does not have an earthy aftertaste.

Our customers have enthusiastically stated that they have found relief from MS, Seizures, back pain, joint pain, gastric issues, Autism related symptoms, neurological damage, PTSD, Sleeplessness, Tremors, and some have been able to reduce the amount of pain medication which they had been so dependent on.