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Welcome to Nature’s Organic Crystals

We have developed a Full Spectrum product that has more Terpenes than most CBD Oils on the market. What are Terpenes? They are a natural underlying molecule in CBDs that provide most of the benefits.

In our experience, CBD oils, which include THC and Cannabinoids, can actually BLOCK the effectiveness of Terpenes. That doesn’t happen with our Terpene Tincture, so our customers say it’s the only product they need.

No unpleasant taste, no side effects, no THC, extra strength formula, 100% Organic and pesticide free.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Our 1 oz. bottle, when taken daily and as directed will provide the average person weighing 150 lbs. with enough tincture for 74 days straight (approx. 2-1/2 months) before the bottle is consumed. Based on the strength of our terpene tincture, we recommend a dosage of only one (1) drop 3X per day per 50 lbs. of body weight up to 200 lbs. Over 200 lbs., the dosage should be 6-8 drops 3X per day.

In many cases, our customers are able to reduce their dosage over time as their wellness improves. And, unlike prescription drugs, bodies do not build up a tolerance to our product.