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– Pain Testimonials –

Pain and Gastro Issues

(September 16, 2019) “I have been using your product for a couple months for pain and gastro issues. I have been impressed with my overall wellness.”

– Vera M.

Pain After Surgery, Better Sleep

(May 15, 2019) “December 4, 2018, l underwent hip replacement surgery on my right side. Since that day, I have been on Hydrocodone for pain. April 9, 2019, the left hip was replaced. I have had constant pain at no less than at a level 5/6.

2 weeks ago…I started taking the oils, 3 drops, 3 times daily, and 1 – 500 mg Tylenol 3 times daily. Within 3 days I experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. The pain level having only reached a level 7 twice, due to overexertion.  The pain levels have been as low as 2. I only took 1 Hydrocodone in the last week during that time. I have also been rubbing the oil on the legs, avoiding the incisions.

I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from the debilitating after-effects of any surgery. It will be wise to check with your surgeon for any contraindications, but in my case, I am experiencing great relief, and am able to sleep better.”


Parkinson’s Disease, Pain

(May 14, 2018) Marty called me and said it was 24-1/2 hours before he needed to take some more [Nature’s Organic Crystals Organic Terpene Tincture]. Saturday 10:30 p.m. was the last 4 drop dose he took. Tremors are good but his achy pains are beginning so he is going to take some [more of your Terpene Tincture]. That’s 38.5 hours…no tremors!!!”

– Marty (On behalf of)


(May 9, 2018) “So my friend Mike K. you met him has a morphine pump and now by using [Nature’s Organic Crystals Terpene Tincture] his pain is gone. They’re going to turn down the pump and maybe even take it out now”

– Mike K.


(April 13, 2018) “…I am going to give some to my sister-in-law. She says that she can’t work two jobs without it, because of joint pain. She is using what I gave her. I give people your information…I am so happy this product is helping so many people.”

– Marie P.

Polio, Pain, Swelling, Arthritis, Perthes Disease, Psoriasis

(April 9, 2018) “We love your product! Sam has polio since 3 yrs. old, 59 now and has problems with his other ankle with pain and swelling. I have arthritis pain in my hip where I had Perthes Disease as a child and I have psoriasis. We have less pain with the oil. We refuse to take any meds so the oil is it! My skin isn’t perfect but our lives are good. Thank you for the oil and thanks for the free bottle. I rather continue ordering from you so we can start building for the next free one! It’s costly but worth it ;)”

– Carol T.


“Been using your [Terpene Tincture] for couple months on my shoulder pain, it works everyday. Love it!”

– Elizabeth S.
Ft Mohave, Arizona