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– Arthritis Testimonials –

Polio, Pain, Swelling, Arthritis, Perthes Disease, Psoriasis

(April 9, 2018) “We love your product! Sam has polio since 3 yrs. old, 59 now and has problems with his other ankle with pain and swelling. I have arthritis pain in my hip where I had Perthes Disease as a child and I have psoriasis. We have less pain with the oil. We refuse to take any meds so the oil is it! My skin isn’t perfect but our lives are good. Thank you for the oil and thanks for the free bottle. I rather continue ordering from you so we can start building for the next free one! It’s costly but worth it ;)”

– Carol T.

Vision/Eye Healing, Sleeplessness, Arthritis

“I read that this product will greatly assist in the healing process of our bodies. I had damaged one of my eyes and it was going to be a very long recovery process. I managed to reduce the healing time by 6 weeks with a complete recovery of my eye and an overall improvement in my vision in general. My eye doctor was simply amazed…As was I …Added perks …Sleep used to be restless but now it is restful. A noticeable reduction in arthritis pain. Thanks!”

– Don
Dallas County, Texas