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– Pets Testimonials –

3 Years and Love It

(February 15, 2021) “My family and I have been using Nature’s Organic Crystals, Terpene Tincture for approximately 3 years and love it.

Keeps us healthy and haven’t had a cold or flu since we’ve been using the drops.

Our dog, Katie takes one drop on her morning cookie and what a difference! She had problems with her back legs and wasn’t getting around very well. We started her on the Tincture and noticed her feeling just like new. Jumping around, running and hasn’t had any issues at all!

One drop a day for her and it is fantastic!

Thank you Barb & Doug!!!”

– Carol G.
Lake Havasu City, AZ

A Gentle Death for My Dog

(March 27, 2019) “About a month ago I took my dog in to get checked for her teeth. Oddly enough, they wanted to do an x-ray of her liver and they found she had a tumor in her liver. I remembered that I had some Nature’s Organic Crystals [Terpene Tincture] so I started her on one drop every day. She was in pain prior to me giving her this, but she lived another 3 weeks. I ended up having to put her to sleep, but the vet told me that if I wouldn’t have been giving her Nature’s Organic Crystals that she would have had a very, very painful death. I would like to thank Barb and everybody else involved in Nature’s Organic Crystals. Thank you for your invention because it gave me peace to know that my dog was not suffering. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. God bless.”

– Michelle P.

Dog Seizures

(November 14, 2018) “My dog, who suffers from seizures, has not had any since I’ve started her on the drops (1 drop in her bowl everyday as  recommended).”

– Gabriella G.