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– General Health and Wellness Testimonials –

Having this Available to Help Sleep and Heal and Recover was a Godsend

(March 6, 2020) “Big hugs – and so much gratitude to Barbara and Doug for delivering such an excellent product! This is strong medicine – and it is so much better than any other CBD oil tinctures, or capsules I have tried. This product is very special; it works like nothing else can. It is subtle, yet very potent. I am so happy to know this is available. Over Christmas 2019, I was so sick, and I do not rely on any pharma meds to feel better, so having this available to help sleep and heal and recover was a Godsend. Thank you so much Barbara and Doug, love you guys!”

– Kathleen K.

3 Years and Love It

(February 15, 2021) “My family and I have been using Nature’s Organic Crystals, Terpene Tincture for approximately 3 years and love it.

Keeps us healthy and haven’t had a cold or flu since we’ve been using the drops.

Our dog, Katie takes one drop on her morning cookie and what a difference! She had problems with her back legs and wasn’t getting around very well. We started her on the Tincture and noticed her feeling just like new. Jumping around, running and hasn’t had any issues at all!

One drop a day for her and it is fantastic!

Thank you Barb & Doug!!!”

– Carol G.
Lake Havasu City, AZ